AKARAOne team One dream
Akara Hospitality delivers a complete lifestyle experience through its diverse portfolio of distinct culinary and premium entertainment portfolio of restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, lounges, and VIP services. Founded by Akarawin Taechaubol in the “Land of Smiles” Thailand, our core value is delivering a truly unforgettable entertainment experience, respectfully. As our mantra “One Team One Dream” our loyal premium members and customers database are ever-growing, Akara Hospitality will continuously diversify both locally and globally to provide a one stop lifestyle solution for all.
Cultivating Growth and EngagementAt Akara, we maintain a culture that encourages growth and active participation. Our dedicated atmosphere ensures that our employees thrive, ultimately leading to exceptional care for our guests.
Commitment to Quality in Unique ConceptsEach of our concepts at Akara is uniquely distinct, yet they all share a common commitment to quality. We meticulously source our food and drinks, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to providing the finest ingredients and flavors.
Unforgettable Moments of JoyWith elegantly designed spaces, warm service, and a passion for enjoyment, Akara creates unforgettable moments brimming with spirit. Whether you're dining or socializing, our ambiance and commitment to a good time will leave a lasting impression on your experience.
At Akara, we foster imagination and innovation, inviting guests to explore a realm of limitless possibilities. With meticulous curation, our spaces ignite creativity and embrace novel experiences.
Our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail elevate the entertainment landscape, ensuring every Akara encounter is transformative and unforgettable.
We are One Team with One Dream, making our guests happy by continuously diversifying our offerings locally and globally to provide a unique lifestyle solution for all.
We strive to give our guests truly unforgettable entertainment experiences by combining the best design, food, drinks, music and hospitality.